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Stunning Long Hair Princess

PBFApr 2, 11:40 PMActually, I'm talking about JUST the content within the window, and only Safari Fullscreen Mode can do it. I'll post a pic...
Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying. That's new. By the way, it works from both left and right sides. Neat.


long haired chihuahua pictures. Long-Haired Chihuahua
Long-Haired Chihuahua

lordonuthinDec 21, 07:36 PMThanx for the props!

Now, if I could only get the big units to complete on a regular basis I could hold you off a bit longer


Are they having problems finishing on time or do they quit before they get all the way finished?

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sordAug 6, 11:55 PMOk - I've been into Macs for a couple years now, so I don't have the history with the company of many of you do.

That said, it seems to me that with these ads or banners for Leopard, that it is closer to being released than we all might think. Has Apple promoted a product this way -- bashing M$ -- with out releasing the product soon after?

To me it just seems like real strong words to use if Leopard wont be out for a while, esp. if it will only be released around the time Vista will be next year.

Anyone know what I mean, or feel the same way?
Last WWDC Stevie said that Leopard would be announced at this WWDC - or at least demonstrated. My guess - late this year or early next it will be in stores.

Oh - and Powerbook G5s (dual core) tomorrow!!

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The smallest living dog. Boo

andrew.gwApr 3, 06:30 AMIf you scroll up over the icon of a closed app in the dock you see thumbnails of those recent files. Pretty cool.
Hey, that's pretty awesome! I wish that would work with Expos�, for open applications...

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chocolate brown long haired

PhoticsMar 26, 07:43 AMBut remember that the PS3 was $600 at launch, but is $300 now. Each PS3 game is $60, while Real Racing 2 is $7. So the cost proposition after a few games is not that different.

I don't think the problem here is cost. Lots of people want an iPad, so this is like a fringe benefit. It's more about logistics. I don't think it makes sense to run two screens, and tether an iPad to the TV.

Heh, true, I use my iPhone as a Netflix player. Yet, I don't have to hold the iPhone to do it. I just set it up and enjoy the movie. An iPad is a nice tablet, but not a great controller.

I think a USB controller, going to the iPad 2 - that's connected to a TV - makes more sense. Then, it's like a real gaming console. Another possibility... the iPad 2 camera could be used for motion detection. Then, the gaming can be like the Wii or XBOX 360 Kinect.

My problem here is the cable — HDMI cables are usually short.

This is progress though.

All from the same device. The iPad does a lot things, but it actually does them well. That's pretty significant.

I'm not bashing the iPad. I think it's cool. It's clearly the leader in the tablet market. Yet, I don't think this is the direction to go for gaming. I think the Apple TV makes more sense.

Apple TV — With a Camera — and that changes things.
FaceTime, Games, Apps on the TV.

But again, the controller is the problem. Apple is not leading here. It should set the standard, not let developers create Frankenstein gaming consoles. This isn't the Pipen. Apple has a strong opportunity to enter the game console space. I don't see a reason to delay.

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Toby - Long Haired Chihuahua

SurrealMay 2, 06:00 PMThis will be interesting. The issue that I see concerns ancillary data. I really dislike how the iphone handles application data, but it is--at the very least--consistent. You delete the app, you delete the data.

I haven't had the occasion to see how MAS works with deleting, but I can't imagine it doing anything similar, and that creates a rift, in my opinion.

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Brown long hair chihuahua

corywoolfSep 6, 03:23 PMLowest line? The mini and macbook still both have slower processors than the MBP's.

Apple's cheapest computer= Mac Mini. Also, I was comparing that to my less then 6 month old 1.83 Ghz MBP.

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long haired chihuahua

rezenclowd3Jan 6, 12:13 AMI also agree with the generally expensive cost of owning a used BMW.

I searched long and hard for my E30, and with over $14k poured into it by the last 3 owners as of last year when the work was done, I picked it up at the right time. However mine was a special case due to the engine+tranny swap.

I wouldn't trust an E36 (91-99) much under $10k. The e30 is cheap to maintain as well as easy to work on, but due to age, if completely stock, be prepared to start pouring money into it to make it a dd again.

Audi, I wouldn't touch used, even though they are damn cool cars, same with Mercs.

Much is luck finding a good DD BMW as well as proper knowledge and inspections.

Good luck finding one that you are happy with. If you get a bad feeling, or feel that the seller is less than 110% honest, just run.

On a side note, the previous owner of my E30 that I posted on page 1 just called and offered to buy it back, and offered to do a trade + cash for his much newer e9033i (if I understood him correctly). I need to take the e30 out AutoXing first to decide...still, will give him first dibs once I decide to depart with this classic car. I think I would have to get rid of it for an E30 M3 though ;-)

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a long-haired chihuahua.

RyanNoahSep 14, 02:25 PMAs a follow-up on the GripVue, note the notch to the right of the charging port. That's the unobstructed speaker...


Also, note the colors on the "Tint" versions (Black, Clear (shown above), Royal Purple, Night Sky, and Taro). It's odd that the bright colors that Best Buy has (besides Night Sky) are not shown. They also have a "Metallic" line (Black, White, and Taro).

Thanks for the clearing this up.

The reviewed by iLounge states that the Moto case by Gumdrop does cover the speaker.

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Dog - Long haired Chihuahua

MikeNematAug 6, 10:41 PMAm I supposed to leave out cookies? :p :D

Yep. And Milk. Steve Jobs will climb down your chimney, eat the cookies, and pour the milk into any PCs he finds in your house :)

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Black long haired chihuahua

whateverNov 27, 02:11 PMI don't know anyone who has something bigger and are just consumers and not prosumers.
Hi, my name is Joe and I'm sitting in front of a 30" ACD and I have a 22" ACD beside me. And I'm typing this from home.

I would rather see Apple lower the price of the 20" and keep all of their displays at 20" and higher.

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long coat, except for some tan

blakdragunFeb 24, 06:43 PMHere's my mbp setup.

nice clean setup.

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long hair chihuahuas - Raiford

MacRumorsAug 16, 07:12 AMhttp://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

Digitimes claims (http://www.digitimes.com/systems/a20060816A7040.html) that Apple is expected to launch an iPod that supports "wireless capabilities" to compete with Microsoft's upcoming Zune-branded MP3 players.

Apple's headquarters has begun dispatching its staff to its major markets in Asia, to teach local sales how to demonstrate the new products, the sources noted.

While Digitimes has not been an especially accurate source of information in the past, there has been a lot of buzz and discussion about wireless iPods as well as a new Apple phone, along with some possible middle ground between the two.

Steve Jobs was rumored (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/08/20060811110535.shtml) to have been talking-up an upcoming Apple phone. Meanwhile, one analyst (http://guides.macrumors.com/Gene_Munster_%28Analyst%29) expects Apple to release a new wireless iPod this fall to compete with Microsoft's Zune (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/07/20060711151857.shtml) which will feature over-the-air music downloads. Finally, previous Apple patent applications (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/05/20060505202447.shtml) show that Apple has been working on this technology as well.

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Long Hair Chihuahua Puppies

gr8whtd0peJan 23, 11:19 PMyup 89 accord with 42,000 miles in it, 5 speed manual :D

HA! that's not to shabby off of a hood ornament.

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long hair Chihuahuas!

Compile 'em allJan 5, 08:27 AMBTW, right-clicking on an Apple notebook is now awesome! The "two-fingers on trackpad" click is great, and actually easier than having two buttons IMO.

Do you have any idea if it is possible to get such a feature working on non-intel machines (e.g powerbook G4)?

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Файл:Chihuahua long-haired

lorductapeJan 12, 10:20 AMTake a look at this:


Personaly i think it's fake, because of the non-capital letter on the begining of the second sentence... but who knows it could be true the disposition of the this so called macbook air is quite original and not in the tradicional way laptop upside down opened a little...

they got the font wrong.

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Long-haired Chihuahua

MultimediaSep 1, 01:38 PMLOL If only it were that easy.

I bought the MBP because suspiciously my PB G4 decided to die on me right around that time and I, of course, rationalized and used it as an excuse with myaself... and now I kick myself in the butt for it too because 1 week after I bought my MBP, Apple released the 17" MBP for the same price I paid for my 15".**kick*Well, you could have returned it for a 10% restocking fee up to 10 days after purchase and bought the 17" then. Did you not know that? :confused:

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Youtube my black long haired

ajiuoApr 9, 07:16 PMWOW!!! iCal looks *********g UGLY... I hope they add an option to use a standard gray toolbar area... That seems so unlike apple to do something like that.

Heh.. What if they give everything that look :). I think I would switch to windows if they did that..

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long haired chihuahua puppy

BenRoethigSep 6, 12:12 PMLook, they discontinued the $50 BTO superdrive option on the lower end model. Are they purposely trying to drive me to Velocity Micro?

windowsblowsassMar 27, 11:41 AMSorry but I disagree - what you say here is just something you made up !!!! Safari is a good browser and Apple only made it cause MS pulled IE. Think about it. Apple may have money but it needs to do something else to kick start growth....The Ipod doesn't have long to go...Itunes will still do well but it doesn't give Apple enough money !

Don't forget - please sign the petition.....
reasons your wrong
1. he didnt make up a word of it
2. apple made safari before ms pulled ie
3.the ipod has a long time to go their not going to just say screw it when its selling
4.ITMS is making them money after the record companies are paid back for the use of the songs every cent is profit
5. less than 20 people have signed your petition and do you really think its going to get apple to change their entire strategyi can see it now steve jobs sees our online pettion and immediatly calls a meating "i just had an appihany some kid said to make a cheap computer that hooks up to your tv weve been completely wrong all theese yearsapple is now only going to make web tv type systems and nothing else my god what have i been doing"

DonnachaNov 27, 05:05 PM*smacks head on desk*
Beating a dead horse...

Congratulations on starting your point with not one but two violent images... clearly, you must be a real PRO.

This thread is about the possible introduction of a 17" monitor to possibly complement the Mac Mini, Apple's only headless consumer desktop.

My point is that introducing a new size will do little to plug the consumer-sized hole in Apple's monitor line-up. If Apple can squeeze extra money out of some egotists who like to think of themselves as prosumers, fine, but the overwhelming majority of users aren't going to get anal about some supposed color-accuracy issues: they want a good-quality, good-looking reliable monitor and if Apple can't provide that at a decent price, Apple loses them to someone who can.

Apple could, of course, bring out two lines of monitors, one for print professionals and one to compete directly with Dell but, of course, they won't because it wouldn't take long for people to realize that there isn't really that much difference.

Terms such as "color accuracy" probably make people worry that Dell's display all reds as green whereas, in fact, we're talking about differences that are indiscernible to the untrained eye. I would wager that barely 1% of customers who pore such technical details actually need or even understand them.

You're right, Dell monitor's are fine for my needs. Before you write them off, however, as being "cheapo" and irrelevant to Apple's market, I suggest you take a look at one of these Ultrasharps - personally, I'm not a fan of Dell computers, but their recent monitors are catching up fast with Apple.

NebulaClashSep 24, 09:40 PMI'm a Consumer Reports subscriber, but I know their tech coverage is spotty at best. Sometimes it's laughably wrong. And too many people take their word as gospel instead of just one more useful data point. Heh, it's funny but as this thread is developing I just got a subscriber email from them asking for a $26 donation to them so they can continue to buy the products they test. I'll pay them $26 because I believe in their non-advertiser supported model.

I just want to confirm that I did send them the $26 donation they asked for from their subscribers. I believe in what they do, even if I disagree with them on this issue (as noted ad naseum in this thread).

darkfiberApr 2, 08:09 PMIs this the same Narrator that does the Ken Burns films?

That is actor Peter Coyote. Probably most famous for his role of the federal agent in E.T. Along with many acting roles he has done tons of narration as well. Not sure about Ken Burns films, but he has narrated something like 50 plus documentaries. He was also the voice for Oracle commercials. He did the first iPad commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2BvVcSkNkA)as well. Here is his IMDb page...


and Wikipedia.


MainyehcNov 28, 03:50 PMI agree with almost everything you wrote (you're a pretty smart guy!) but offer two comments:

1 - We don't know there isn't a Jobs waiting in the wings. We also don't know there isn't a Jobs in the #2 spot at some Fortune 50 company who could be in a MS executive suite in 3 years.

2 - MS being "too proud" is exactly the kind of thing I mean when I write about not being able to predict the post-Bill future. He is certainly too proud but who knows about Bill 2.0?

You make the point about the rank-and-file being mostly very talented and I agree. If MS gets executives who stay out of the way who knows what Zune 3.0 will be like?

Why, thanks! English isn't even my native language... And I'm not a long-time Apple user either. But I suppose three years worth of using Macs and hangin' around MacRumors:Forums also helped, as did reading a lot (well, way too much, really) about the computer industry's history! :p

Your points are, of course, fairly good. But this is just a clear example of me playing the role of the "ominous wishful thinker", and you that of the "devil's advocate". So I surely hope I'm right in my predictions; even though I know competition is a good thing, arguing that competition from Microsoft could possibly be a "good" thing is nothing short of an oxymoron (I'm not saying that's your opinion. The problem is, if it's you who turns out to be right, that's what the Zune will become: competition! :p ). Let's hope that some worthy competitors, both on the cosumer electronics and the PC hardware/software/operating systems, OTHER than Microsoft emerge to give Apple some eventually needed "kicks in the butt", so they don't become lazy. ;)

'Course, if Microsoft could, hypothetically, stop being such an evil company, I'd certainly overlook their shady past and could even, Jobs forbid!, use some of their products (provided they'd be up to my typical Mac User's standards :rolleyes: ). :D


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